BNWWEAR X Angel Xpress Foundation

BNWWEAR X Angel Xpress Foundation

BNWWEAR X Angel Xpress Foundation

Diwali is synonymous with lights, brightness, happiness, and unlimited food. But nothing really satiates your joy of celebrating the festival like the joy of giving. This year, we, the folks at Bnwwear, combined our goal of dispelling darkness and illuminating the lives of the lesser fortunate with the joy of participating in the festival’s infectious fervour. Our founders, Kareena Singh and Ayush Murarka were ecstatic to celebrate the festival with the most talented and amazing kids at Angel Xpress Foundation.


When we approached Angel Xpress showing interest in celebrating the day with the kids at their Andheri center, they were extremely happy for us to come over and spend the day. We gifted each kid an activity hamper that would help showcase their talent and creativity in the best way possible. Our day was filled with art and craft activities along with some funny and insightful stories narrated by the little ones. The kids were more than welcoming and to our surprise, bold and fearless – two qualities that completely blew us away.


It was one of most heart-warming experiences that will stay with us forever. The time we spent with the kids made our conviction of supporting underprivileged kids in their journey of education, even stronger. The talent they showcased, their hunger to learn more and their indomitable spirit of never giving up strengthened our belief in what we are doing.


Bnwwear’s philosophy of being socially sustainable and responsible is what differentiates us from our competition. Each merchandise of Bnwwear has a story to tell and when you purchase a product from us, we want you to feel good about your purchase. The time we spent with these kids on Diwali has made us believe in our journey and we are extremely proud of what we have to offer to our consumers.


From quirky and stylish designs to using recycled packaging to deliver your products, we have loved every bit of this process and we hope you give it the same amount of love.


Keep checking this space for the latest updates about the brand and how we are inching towards bringing about a change in the way that fashion is perceived.



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