We are in the midst of fighting hunger issues. As we can observe rise in the world’s rich categories, there is also the degradation of have not’s categories. Black N White Wear in collaboration with Action Against Hunger is towards creating an improved world. The guiding agenda of the campaign fighthungerissues is to drive the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Black N White Wear is into bringing a change in the lives of destitute children basic needs and education. The brand with a social cause collaborates with Action Against Hunger for supporting lives under crises. Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger.
A world where you are yet to do a lot of things, Bnwwear & AAH tries to set up this campaign as a medium of help towards all hungry stomachs. Additionally, the campaign also foresees the creation of an educated world without the barrier of malnutrition. There are certain aspects to look for under the campaign such as: Issues related to hunger and malnutrition, Bnwwear and AAH measures to sustain the fight against hunger and malnutrition, further potential through this campaign.
People who do not get enough food suffer from hunger and gradually lack of nutrients over time makes them malnourished. Researchers state that children suffer from malnutrition the due to their requirement of body over nutrients. Today, around 795 million people go hungry while 2 billion suffer from micronutrient deficiencies.
United States Secretary of State, John Kerry said, “When you do the math, when our planet needs to support two billion more people in the next three decades, it’s not hard to figure out: This is the time for a second Green Revolution. This was obvious when it was found that a quarter of those children who were treated for malnutrition at a Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers (NRCs), but such initiatives are only a crisis management initiative which can only prevent deaths due to malnutrition and not the problem of malnutrition. Several children remain ill for almost 70 to 80 days in a year, a duration that restricts normal growth further, making them more susceptible to malnutrition-infection cycle.
All such issues created by hunger and malnutrition awaken Bnwwear and AAH to lead a campaign fighting such issues. It is not a task to do overnight; rather this requires hands from all around the globe to feed billions of hungry stomachs. There are certain measures obtained by Bnwwear and AAH to sustain the fight against hunger and malnutrition.
* Bnwwear targets to sell t-shirts and use fashion as a medium of help.
* Providing 20% of the drive sale from the campaign to AAH.
* The amount contributed from Bnwwear to AAH will help children and individuals suffering from hunger and malnutrition.
* AAH will be using the funds raised from the campaign for feeding hungry souls and making a hunger free world.
It is said that good things remains into effect forever. Similarly, such a campaign against hunger issues will serve for further potentialities. It will be an inspiration for other startups and organizations to come forward. Such campaigns can serve meals for millions of hungry people who go to sleep empty stomach every night.
According to world hunger statistics, world hunger has raised to 8.9 percentages (2018 to 2019). In year 2020, the pandemic brought more issues related to hunger and malnutrition. The situation has driven towards more major concerns. In such a condition ‘fighthungerissues’ campaign will serve as a medium of aid for bringing the worse conditions to a standstill. We are trying to appreciate all those individuals who are somewhere associated with making a better world.
If we can come at war against everything we dislike, why not declare a war against hunger issues? We are not free with empty stomachs; therefore we have to stop hunger and malnutrition. Above all, together we can make a free world.

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