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A Father-Daughter Duo Are Taking The Internet By Storm & Here’s Why

A Father-Daughter Duo Are Taking The Internet By Storm & Here’s Why

What does the word ‘hero’ mean to you? How would you define this four-letter word that is a part of our daily lives? Is it a movie star that has won accolades for playing roles that gets fans screaming and fights those fictional villains? The word ‘hero’ is gradually losing its meaning as we use it so loosely and casually.


Bnwwear wishes to bring back the real meaning of the word - hero. In our series - #HeroOfTheWeek, we will be placing the spotlight on faces that inspire people to do good, have achieved something extraordinary and those who do not expect any compensation for his/her heroic deed.


This week, we bring to the forefront an inspiring story of a daughter who has made herself and her family proud. Arya Rajagopalan, daughter of a petrol pump attendant, has secured admission in one of the country’s most prestigious institutes – IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Kanpur. A moving story of how staying consistently devoted and sincere without losing sight of your goals will ensure you shine bright; Arya’s tale has been all over social media and print media.


The news was first broken by Indian Oil Corporation Chairman – Mr. Shrikant Vaidya on Twitter. The heartwarming story went viral in a matter of few hours as netizens were proud of her achievements. Arya’s father has been working as a petrol pump attendant for over two decades, she has proved that there is nothing that is beyond reach if you have the grit and determination for it.


We often offer a keen ear to success stories and get inspired by them. They push us to go above and beyond our limits and help us dream bigger. This impressive story is one such thing that is a testament that if you hustle wisely, you too can outshine. The Bnwwear team salutes such heroes who put in exemplary efforts to give their best. Arya Rajagopalan has inspired many youngsters coming from humble backgrounds to burn the midnight oil and not give up on their future goals. Way to go Arya!!!


Stay tuned as we bring to you many more inspiring stories and updates about our merchandise. Bnwwear strongly supports cause-driven fashion and would love for you to be a part of this noble cause. Check out our latest collection to contribute to the education of those who have dreams but don’t have the means to achieve them.

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