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A day with little ones

A day with little ones

Sparkling through the edges of that Christmas tree we saw the smiles coming out of the corridors. Yeah! These twinkling eyes, fat smiles and merry souls were the prettiest of all. Christmas is a festival of light, sharing and happiness. Light delivers an exceptional time ahead, sharing helps to grow individually and happiness teaches each one of us to forget our sorrow and live with pride.

Black and White being a cause driven fashion brand always tries to hand over a part of their euphoria to all those who are in need. As a miniature stride towards our goal we have tried to spend our time with these little ones from LIONS CLUB ORPHANAGE. A day of happiness celebrated with them. It all started with a raw Christmas tree for them, which was decorated by them with the delighted props. Looking at them and their joy of decorating the tree, recalls us of what childhood feels like.
You never realize what it feels like to have a feeling of immense satisfaction unless you really live it through. When we were kids we were thought about kindness and help. As we grow up these things become a periphery part of our life. Some are busy with career, some are lost in their own world and some are into celebrating their success. Too bad, we fail to remember what it is to be kind and helpful.
A lot of us can celebrate a day of happiness with our close ones and that’s the best of it. However, there are people around the world who are unattended by anyone. We the team of Black and White wants to change this scenario of those categories that falls under ‘attended.’ Why not just go and celebrate a part of our happiness with them.
The little ones rushed towards the table with the cake, observing the props lying over it. We could sense their joy of looking at the small little things. With a dilemma of either to take one from the table and not, they were all full of emotion. The props were distributed among with gratification and love. They were handy enough to put those props all over the tree. The tree looked magnificent because it was dressed up by the little ones with wonder and affection.
Shortly afterwards, we all moved towards the table for the cake dining session. It was not as simple as casual cake cutting ceremony. It was more of sweetness over bitter, happiness over sadness and love over hatred kind of moment. Cutting the slices of the cake they were elated to pull out their small world of solitude. Sharing the grace among each other with the busted pieces of cake we all have lived our childhood once again. The day ended with sharing chocolates and wishing each other Merry Christmas and a very happy year ahead.

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